Will you tell me to become a minimalist?

I will not tell you to become anything. I will help you to find your own way. About minimalism: It's a good concept, but only a step, not the goal. I will challenge you, but you will decide.

Can I get a sample session?

Yes. However, I think my approach is even better: I do a full session with you. And you pay what you consider appropriate. Afterwards, I'll charge affordable market fares. If you don't earn much, I'll adjust. Often people with the least money need help the most.

My home is super messy. Like SUPER messy. Will you judge me?

No. I'm not here to berate anyone. I'm here to find ways forward.

My husband / wife / friend is messy. Can I have you help them?

Only if they are willing to. You can't enforce change, it must come as a decision. Some advice to make it easier for your friends to accept my facilitation: Start with a small topic / area. With trust and good experiences, bigger steps are possible.

Does your home look like on these minimalist photos?

No. I chose them because they express beauty by simplicity. And we can get there in your home if you want that. But I look for realistic solutions and everyone is unique. That being said: My place is usually tidy, yes.